Drive By Blogging: Random Toddler Things

At the end of last year, I knit up a handful of little random things for my toddler.

First is a big mouth monster:

The pattern is Rebecca Danger's Pocket-Sized Phone Friend, but I knit it out of bulky weight yarn held double on size 10 needles.  He's big enough to hold all sorts of odds and ends that my toddler picks up.

Second is a pair of slipper socks:
I improvised the pattern based on gauge and the size of her foot.  She, of course, promptly outgrew them.

Third, a hat with rabbit ears.

She got a Christmas book called, "Shall I Knit You a Hat?" about a little rabbit whose mother knits him a hat to keep his ears warm because a big snow is coming.  It has a pattern in the back that I heavily modified to create the above hat.


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