Joyful & Bashful

I now have completed three pair hand knit socks!  Here are my completed Joy in the Journey Socks:

I loved knitting these... I finished them on Sunday, so I suppose you could say that I am now "joyful."  They are mirror images of each other, which is fun.  They are my thirteenth completed project;  I have been a knitster for almost seven months now.  Alas, with these finished, the only projects I have OTN now are stealth projects and hibernating projects... so I suppose that means that I need to start another project just for the sake of blogging, right?  Hmmm... maybe something using the yarn I picked up at my LYS during Knitter's Anonymous last month?  I still need ideas, by the way... if anyone has any...

In the interim, however, how about more pictures of the puppy?  He had to wear the "Cone of Shame" for two weeks--he finally got it off today!

This one is my favourite.  I love how he's using the cone to shade his eyes:


  1. Anonymous15/6/10 16:32

    These have been Joy in the Journey socks for me too, watching you. They turned out sooo cute! Hmmm, new knitting project and a new dog....sweater for the dog??? ;) Mom

  2. Anonymous15/6/10 17:22

    Yay for a completed project! The giggle socks are done too then?

  3. He looks like a rubber chicken there! Love the socks (as you know) -- they're beautiful. I vote for more socks! :)


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