A Productive November...

This November, rather than NaKniSweMo (a sweater in 30 days), I participated in NaKnitMo, knitting as much as possible in 30 days.  Over the course of those 30 days, I competed:

A blessing dress for my little one:

Booties to go with it: (somehow already lost one, and she's not even born yet.  Ah, well.  Just have to knit some more...)

And a Dalek jumper for my little one as well:

Plus I finished another Gaptastic Cowl for a friend of my mother's, a pair of stealth projects (Christmas presents) for my biggest and smallest nephews, and got good progress made on a couple other stealth projects for Christmas as well.  The Gaptastic is pictured on my Red-Headed Sister below:

So, all in all I completed three works in progress, started and finished three new projects, and got half-way through two more... all in November!  I feel highly accomplished, especially in comparison to a few months ago!  I aim to finish the two half-done projects by Christmas, which will be completed projects #23 and #24 for 2011--a nice round two-dozen, as my goal was at the beginning of the year.  Nice!


  1. Excellent! That dress is especially gorgeous - what a lucky baby :)


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