Drive By Blogging: Baby dolls

Hello, again!  Here comes another quick blog post.  Earlier this year, I decided to knit a baby doll for my toddler.  She has the doll I made her for her birthday but I wanted one that was smaller.  Upon searching Ravelry, I came across the Rainbow Babies pattern by Jean Greenhowe (free pattern). It's written to be knit flat but was easy to tweak to knit in the round.  The end result was:

She's about seven or eight inches tall and she coordinates with the doll (pardon the late night bad flash picture):

Then I knit another for her cousin's birthday.  My niece didn't appreciate my nephew using her dolls, so I made him one of his own:

My nephew has sandy blond hair and blue eyes, so his doll is made to look like him.  When he opened his gift and saw the doll, he said "no!" and threw it on the floor. My sister tried to play with the doll to get him interested in it, but he wanted nothing to do with it.  He has apparently come to like it, though.

Until my next drive by blog post!


  1. Yes he has! He say the picture and said "dootdo! My dootdo!" And now he's crying because he can't find him in his bed.


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